A Passion for Sharing Music


My grandfather was a gifted pianist, and I hope to follow in his footsteps by making the music I play come alive and really speak to people. I started playing at a young age, but truly discovered the joy of playing once I began to explore a wider variety of musical styles and share more of the music that is important to me. There is also nothing more fulfilling than seeing someone sitting with their eyes closed and a smile on their face during a recital as I play a favourite classic or hymn. Many people often sing along for the familiar songs and it is lovely to hear and witness their interaction with the music.


In my early twenties, my degree in Linguistics and minor in Japanese as a second language took me away from my hometown of Fredericton to Ottawa, ON and as far as Nagoya, Japan. Studying out of province and abroad gave me the opportunity to share my music with many more people. During my final term at Carleton University, I agreed to take on the role of Rehearsal Pianist for a community-based theatre group, The Greely Players, in the Ottawa region. For six months we rehearsed parts for a production of “Beauty and the Beast,” which was a very rewarding experience. I also developed many new musical contacts within the church I attended while living in Ottawa and through recitals at several Assisted Living homes.


I returned to Fredericton at the end of 2016 in time to launch into preparations for my wedding in May of the following year, the beginning of an exciting new chapter of my life and musical career. I have recently held several positions accompanying various university, public school, and other professional choirs and started teaching private lessons. My wife (Jennifer) and I plan to remain in Fredericton and pursue our respective careers close to family and friends.


I look forward to hearing from you!